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With our successful beta test over the weekend the Jersey Contest is about to get underway again.  As soon as we have the "all clear" from the admin as far as erasing the beta-test scores I will open the game and post the link.  An enormous standing ovation goes to Manzell for getting this up and running in just a few weeks' time.  We are going to pitch this to other SBN sites so hopefully you'll see lots of contests going!

The link will be at the bottom of this post when the contest is open.

A Couple of Important Notes:

Because of the difficulty of implementing it into the scoring tables the "X" requirement is now dropped.  Every game is open.  You need not skip any, and in fact doing so would put you at a disadvantage.

Because of this, and because of the pain of bookkeeping and confusion it could cause, we have decided to alter our original plan about the February scores thusly:

--The contest starts brand new with everybody at zero points in the next game.  None of the February results count anymore.

--Because we did not give away a jersey in February we will still give away two in March.  The first and second place contestants will each get a jersey this month.

--To honor the people who did well in the aborted February contest prizes are being awarded to the top finisher overall and the top finisher who had an "X" already through the fourth February game against Dallas.  Those are:

Top finisher overall--Bfan  (303 points)
Top finisher with an "X"--DLippman (218 points)

Bfan and DLippman will each receive a t-shirt and, more importantly, automatic entry into the playoffs next month for a chance at the grand prize.  It's not a jersey but we were only four games in.  Seldom, if ever, has anyone led the whole month so this is actually a pretty good deal for both.

Watch right below for the link to the first official game of the March Jersey Contest!

--Dave (

The form is up! However the final question didn't make it on there. This game is still official, but you can't win a jersey for a perfect score.

Enter The Jersey Contest Here