Eyewitness account

Lots of Blazers jerseys in the stands tonight, I was surprised.  It was a great game, but we just got outclassed at big moments, and you can really feel the difference being at home would have made in this game.  Golden State managed to stay just ahead the whole game, and a few big plays and the crowd was going crazy.  Really great fans, those Warriors fans.
It's obvious that the Blazers are trying to establish LaMarcus as a post threat, and it's also obvious that he's not quite there yet.  I was also a little disappointed by his "intangibles" -- hustle, crashing the boards, it just wasn't happening much.  On the other hand, Steve Blake came out with a chip on his shoulder, and Joel Pryzbilla played great too despite his nonexistent offensive game.
The one thing that stood out the most, though, is that this is the first time in YEARS that I have seen the Blazers play live and have them give it to one guy, and you just feel confident and safe that good things will happen.  That guy is Brandon Roy.  I wasn't totally sold on him as a "superstar" type until I saw him man up on Baron Davis, calmly cross over his defenders, whip great passes to open shooters, get into the lane with ease, and drill open 3s.  This kid is a complete player.  I hope that these injuries aren't nagging long-term ones.  Because this guy is a baller.
It was disappointing to see them lose tonight, but this is such a great fan base, I couldn't get too bummed seeing them all excited afterwards.  So it was a good game -- I'm jealous of all you guys who get to see these guys play a lot more often!