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Jersey Contest: Grand Prize Playoff Format

We are nearing the end of our March Jersey Contest, which means that the end-of-the-year playoff for the Grand Prize is right around the corner.  For those curious about how it works, here's the quick version:

The playoffs will cover the Blazers' game in April.

16 people will participate in the playoffs.  These will be most of the jersey winners from the season plus some others who have had consistently high scores over the course of the year.  I will notify everyone who is in the playoffs immediately following the conclusion of the March Jersey Contest.

The 16 participants will be seeded into two brackets, just like the NBA playoffs.  Each playoff participant will be going head-to-head versus someone else.  Every set of two games (there are eight total in April) will count as a playoff series.  The victor after those two games will advance in the bracket.  So it looks like this:

16 start the playoffs
8 continue after the L*ker and Houston games
4 continue after the San Antonio and L*ker games
2 continue after the Sacramento and Dallas games
1 emerges after the season concludes against Memphis and Phoenix

Forms will be identical to the ones we use now, except only playoff participants may enter.

Victors will be determined by the total score after each set of 2 games.  So if Player A scored 120 in those two games and his opponent Player B scored 108, Player A would advance.  (It doesn't matter if each technically won one game apiece, the total for two games is what counts.)

There is no cumulative carry-over after each elimination.  Each two-game series is a completely new start.  The exception would be in the unlikely event a series ended in a tie.  Then previous cumulative scores from the playoffs would break the tie.  (First-round ties will go to the higher seed.)

The final winner will receive a nifty Grand Prize and Fromagnon's title of Blazersedge Prognostication Poobah.

--Dave (