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Diary of the Week

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It's almost game time so straight to the point: check out this week's Diary of the Week, which takes up the ever popular bar debate: who are the all-time top 5 Blazers?  Get over to patohall's diary and weigh in.

Questions like this are great because they expose interesting generational biases and, hopefully, promote a healthy cross-generational exchange of opinion. Here's the link to the original poll, taken from USA Today dot com.

My top 5:

  1. Clyde Drexler
  2. Terry Porter
  3. Geoff Petrie
  4. Bill Walton
  5. Buck Williams
Honorable Mention:
Maurice Lucas, Rasheed Wallace, Lionel Hollins, Arvydas Sabonis

How about another top 5 to chew on: who are your top 5 "I wish they were Blazers"?  Like the poll above, consider these regardless of position.

My Top 5 (in no particular order, but with a heavy emphasis on the promise of youth...):

  1. Chris Paul
  2. Monta Ellis
  3. Kevin Durant
  4. Dwight Howard
  5. Al Horford
Leave your lists in the comments.

Congratulations to patohall, winner of this week's Diary of the Week.  Here he is celebrating the announcement:

Alright, that's all for now, game time baby.

--Ben (