Brandon Calling - A Song for the Blazers

Dave graciously let me and the Citizens of ClipsNation off the hook regarding our song bet this weekend.  I guess he felt bad winning a game against a team starting Dan Dickau, Josh Powell and Quinton Ross.  Go figure.

But a bet is a bet, and I'm not a welsher (nor am I Welsh).  So I offer you a song of praise.

With apologies to Mick Jones and the late Joe Strummer and everyone in the legendary Clash, here is the world premiere of 'Brandon Calling', sung to the tune of 'London Calling' by ClipperSteve.

      Brandon Calling to the Trailblazer fans
      The future is now, so get in the stands
      Brandon calling to the NBA World
      Another big banner, will soon be unfurled
      Brandon calling, now don't look at us
      All the phony Z-Bo-mania has bitten the dust
      Brandon calling and I don't wanna shout
      But after we jumped you, you called a time-out

      Greg Oden is coming, and Rudy's zooming in
      Phoenix stopped running, the Spurs are growing thin
      The West is a terror, but Dallas has fear
      Brandon is calling - and I live by the (Williamette)  river

      Brandon calling at the top of the key
      Aldridge is LaMonster, as anyone can see
      Brandon calling see we ain't got no flaws
      Travis is clearly the best of Outlaws
      Brandon calling, yeah, I was there too
      Przybilla and Webster are players it's true
      Brandon calling from the three point line
      We've got talent already, cap space in '09


      Brandon calling step back from the ledge
      You folks of ClipsNation, just read Blazer's Edge
      Brandon calling the name is Brandon Roy
      Come out of the cupboard all you girls and boys