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Diary of the Week

Before we get to handing out the Diary of the Week award, I mentioned during Tuesday's game recap that they showed a Troutlaw sign on the big screen in the Rose Garden.

Like you, I had a pretty strong suspicion that a fellow BlazersEdger was behind this and, today, I'm thrilled to present a picture of the sign:

BlazersEdge reader Paul O. made the drive up from Corvallis with his handiwork, which he was nice enough to email to us and which deserves serious recognition.

I salute you.

Also deserving of props, of course, is this week's Diary of the Week.  

There were some interesting candidates and some interesting candidates this week but I've narrowed it down to two.

In the red corner, we have heavyweight "usmcr3049" whose username earns points for zero redundancy.  His post about Darius Miles was great because:

  1. It broke news on the site (always a plus).
  2. It enjoyed remarkable longevity (still getting comments 3 days after it was posted on Monday).
  3. It's about Darius and I am vice-president and sole remaining member of the Darius Miles Fan Club. The president resigned without giving a reason.  Applications are being accepted. Please email me if interested.
In the blue corner, we have "Jones for 3" who earns points because Brian Wheeler often shouts out this screen name during broadcasts.  His post about Martell Webster was great because:
  1. It sparked a quality debate about offensive strategy.
  2. It caused an instantaneous, explosive reaction without being unnecessarily mean-spirited.
  3. It's about Martell and we haven't really, truly nit-picked his game in at least a month.
Tough call.  Sorry, I can't make up my mind; you're both winners.

Here's a picture of me handing out this week's award to both winners. Congratulations!

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--Ben (