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First Blush

Since this is the first day of the NCAA Tournament, let us spend the day talking draft for the first time officially.  And mind you, there's good reason to do it now.  Every year a few players do well in the tournament which sends their stock skyrocketing among fans (far more so than among scouts and GM's usually).  In another couple of weeks our minds are going to be contaminated with the latest tourney stars.  Before that happens I want your relatively pristine opinions.

Let's take two eventualities:

  1.  If Portland ends up in the most likely spot, which looks to be around 13 at this point, who would you be looking at?
  2.  Let's say the Blazers get extremely lucky again and end up with the 3rd pick in the draft.  Who would you want then and why?
Hoist up as many names as you wish, and enjoy the games today!

--Dave (