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Read These Links At Your Own Risk

Here's a great article/interview about the upcoming draft with Kevin Pritchard, courtesy of Wendell Maxey at

In the interview, Mr. Pritchard says, "I look at the draft as risk assessment as much as anything." A pretty conservative way to look at the draft, all things considered.

This statement seems a wee bit different from a public statement he gave to Quick last June in which Quick writes, "Pritchard labels himself as "a risk taker" who is "not afraid to go against the current."

While these two comments are not entirely mutually exclusive, the transformation in Pritchard's public stance is worth noting. Consider me even more intrigued.

More links:

This is just wrong.

True Hoop's Henry Abbott non-violently confronts authority. Mr. Abbott is the Rosa Parks of bloggers. I salute his powerful movement.

Another SB Nation site gets a press pass.  Bravo! It's like looking into a 2,000 mile long mirror.

Casey has like 10 new posts. Podcasts, image galleries, video highlights, oh my!

Maxey talks Josh McRoberts and Joel Freeland.

Kerrry Eggers watches Travis Outlaw lift weights.

Oscar Robertson writes in the New York Times.

Follow up: I did some research and it looks like Black Magic is scheduled for DVD release this October.  Well worth the wait.