Martell: Dissapearing or lack of plays?

I, like many Blazer faithfuls, have criticized Webster for simply dissapearing in games. But lately, with last night being the latest example, I have seen something else: The coaching staff simply does not run enough plays for him. It is obvious when he only takes 3 shots. That is not a sign of him being unagressive or passive, he's just not getting his touches. How is this possible when he is a jump shooter/scorer? I question this only today because it comes on a night when our best player was hounded all night by 2-3 guys and on top of that, was ice cold. Freeing up Webster with those baseline pics setting him up for shots could have got us back into this game. Who knows, maybe Tell catches fire and wills us back into the game like he did against Utah and then they would've had to respect him more. This could've freed up Roy too. Sometimes, Nate just baffles me. Webster makes his only 3 point attempt but you still play the 2 man game with Roy and Aldridge even when it was obvious to everyone that that was where all of their defensive attention was. Am I wrong? Should Nate of ran some plays for Webster to get some open looks or Jones too for that matter? Or am I completely off? Appreciate your input.