D Miles, Forced to retire?

So the Blazers have started the process according to KP. They have asked the league to assign an independant doctor to examin Miles and say if he has a career ending injury.

If that doc says yes, then the Blazers can wave good bye to Miles and have his salary come off the books, (although he still gets paid).

One thing I didn't know, is that if he signed up with another NBA team and played in only 10 games over a 2 year period, then all of his salary would go back onto the Blazers books, talk about "the suck" if that happened.

I hope Miles has a great life, just not as a Blazer anymore. Not because I think he is a horrible guy, or a bad person, but because I think we could do more good for this team with his salary, and he could do on the court for the team.

Go Blazers