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Game 67 Preview: Timberwolves vs. Blazers

Hmmmmm...something seems familiar here.  Ah yes.  We just played these guys, like, two games ago.  If you missed that preview it's right here.

The only thing that really needs to be added is this:

It's time to call the bench out a little.  I understand the starters are playing more minutes in the tightened rotation but the last couple of games have been less than mediocre for our second unit.  Remember back when these guys provided solid play at worst and a clear advantage on their good nights?  It's been a long time since we've seen the White Unit that opponents used to fear.  It's more like the white flag unit.

This is a game we should win.  This is a game we could dominate.  The difference between the two (hopefully not between a win and a loss, but it could be) will be our second unit play.  I want to see Travis trying to get around his man and getting shots in the flow of the offense.  Channing has actually been doing pretty well, but I'd like a few less fouls and a few more open jumpers.  Jarrett needs to get his head on straight.  James Jones needs to look for his shot.  Whatever minutes Sergio gets I'd like to see him say, "The heck with it" and just try to make something happen.  If it results in turnovers he'll get pulled, but he's pretty much getting pulled without making any impact right now.  Travis has been running his own plays for quite a while now.  I don't see where it will hurt if Sergio does it for 5 minutes with the reserves.

Whoever plays for however many minutes I'd like some passion and results.  If I were on the second unit I'd kick the starters out of the room for a minute, huddle up, and say, "This is OUR game.  It may only be 17 minutes or so, but let's make it 17 minutes of hell."

At least it would be more interesting that way.

--Dave (