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Saturday Links

I hope you're enjoying all of today's NCAA tourney action.  It's a nice hoops appetizer to tonight's main course at the Garden; as you count down the afernoon hours, pick your teeth with these links.

Hendrickson reports an interesting motivational conversation between Tom Penn and Brandon Roy. Tom Penn continues to be The Man.

Over at the Trib, Eggers talks up Coach Adelman's amazing run in Houston with quotes from some heavy-hitters.

Also at the Trib, this one is a few days old, but worth a read if you missed it: Blazers Turn up the Charm.

I commend Channing Frye's Powerful Blog Movement. His now-famous rat story shows off a great sense of humor and refreshing candor.  My only hope is that Frye stays on the right side of the fine line between expressing himself honestly and providing bulletin board material for Blazers' opponents. Writing is supposed to provide therapy not punishment!

Casey at the Center Court Blog offers a few more jabs at Sacramento.  

It's been a recurring theme that the Blazers handle roadtrips differently than many teams, choosing to spend a lot of time together on the road.  This interesting look at a recent Sonics roadtrip by SI's Iam Thomsen seems to confirm that.

"Usually I go by myself," [Jeff] Green said of his dinner plans on the road. "Or I ask Kevin [Durant], but he normally does room service."

Jeff Green, party of one.  I'm not sure what makes me want to cry more: the Sonics leaving Seattle or Green eating dinner alone on the road.  

Don't miss a relatively lengthy look at LaMarcus Aldridge's game in page 2 of Thomsen's article.

Lastly, BE SURE to watch Black Magic tomorrow night.

If you're headed to the Garden, get loud early.  It might be a good idea to head to a pre-game pub dinner for inspiration.  No letdown tonight!