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Ding Ding Ding

We have a winner.  

The inaugural Diary of the Week award goes to Fryer4 (pictured above) who asks which Blazers we should Buy, Sell and Hold this off-season.

It's a topic we've discussed before but it's worth another look as the season is running down and Fryer4 put a cool financial twist on it.  I wonder if he didn't let all the recent recession talk get to his head, as he's ready to bail on a larger portion of the roster than most people might... and that is exactly what the Diary of the Week is all about: great debate.

Get over to  Fryer4's Diary and contribute your 2 cents (money pun, wah wah).

Oh, PS, like you didn't already know, Oden is back!  Sort of.  Check out  Timmay's diary for more. Hoops World has a quick reaction piece as well.

--Ben (