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We are getting a few queries on the Jersey Contest...very small compared to the number of people playing but there nonetheless.  

Please help us by doing these two things when you enter:

  1.  As we said earlier, after you have submitted your form click on "Review Forms" to make sure your current form actually entered.  Sometimes the connection times out and if you just exit the page it won't process.  (You can also use this to see what you have entered.)
  2.  Make sure you use the same e-mail address every time you enter.  We have added a cookie to help with this but for those who won't accept cookies or who clear caches you'll need to pay attention to this.  Some of you who think you've only been scored for a couple games have actually been scored for all of them but you used different addresses.  Write down and remember the e-mail you use to enter the contest.
These two simple things will help clear up most of the issues people are having.

(Also remember to enter on time.)

If you think your score is not right (and you have checked thoroughly yourself) feel free to e-mail me, of course.

--Dave (