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Tuesday Linkage

Sean over at the Oregonlive Blazers Blog has all your Cavs post-game link needs covered.

Is it just me or is Joe Freeman going voluminous on us?  He shoots a line, live from O'Hare. I picture him typing this from the concourse-connecting, super-long moving walkways with all the psychadelic colors on the walls and roof.  Hopefully, someone out there knows what I'm talking about. I could talk about O'Hare all day.  Anyone been to the Michael Jordan Golf store there?

Mike Barrett checks in from Minnesota. Anyone else notice that Mr. Barrett seemed unusually disappointed after the game last night? That was a tough one...

No Tribune links today, the guys seem to be covering... gasp... baseball!

In Oregon news, Tokito is reporting that Lake Oswego's Kevin Love won Pac-10 Player of the Year.  No surprise, but congratulations are in order.

Finally, Hendrickson computes the Blazers' playoff chances.

Off Topic (hey, it was The Wire Series Finale, so indulge me just this once):

Anybody else wish Avon would have made a cameo?  

And, what about:

"You're only a boy."
"And that's only your knee."

Greatest Wire one-liner ever?

Here's to a win tonight!  I think we're due to get our mojo back.

UPDATE: Henry at TrueHoop mentions Blazers Edge at the end of his must-read look at Mark Cuban's ill-conceived war against bloggers. The Blazers are 100% right on this issue. My guess is Mr. Cuban will see the light and come to his senses sooner rather than later...

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