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Return of the Jersey Contest: Beta Test

Good news for all of you Blazersedgers...the Jersey Contest is returning!

To get you used to the format and to make sure this works on a large scale Sunday's contest vs. Golden State is a beta test.  It will not count for your March jersey score, it's just for fun.  But please try it anyway.

It's fairly self-explanatory.  You click on the link below, fill in your screen name and e-mail (use the one you registered at the site with if you can) and then fill out the form.  Answers are either fill-in numbers or drop-down menus.

Stuff to know:

The scoring is basically the same:
  --30 points for getting the winner right
  --10 points for each question (basically...see below)
  --Up to 30 points for getting close on the final scores

Here's the exception, which will delight some of you:  On questions that ask for a number (in the case of this game Steve Blake's assists) you score 10 for getting the number dead right and lose 1 point for every 1 you are off, over or under.  This will bring back some of the "old school" flavor of the very first year of the contest...stat questions!

You still cannot go into the negative on any question.  BE AWARE that after the game the scoring form will show a negative on that line if you were way off.  Ignore it.  Any negative points just equate to zero.

Right now there's no way for you to see what you guessed after you've submitted the form.  That's a feature that will be added later maybe.  However if you don't remember or you want to change your answers you can always re-submit the form up until tip-off.  The new entry will overwrite the old one.

Deadline is the beginning of the game and the entries will close and lock automatically then.

The form automatically checks for duplicate IP addresses and will not allow the second entry from the same IP address.  Just so you know...

Anyway, enjoy!  This should be much easier for you to enter and for me to score.

Here's the link to the new Jersey Contest entry form

--Dave (