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At Your Service

Ahhh... still basking in the after-glow of a great victory. So here's something a little lighter for you...

Scorcho, tweener and jorga noted in the comments that I forgot to mention one of the most important happenings of yesterday evening's game.  The Ford Blimp, which circles the arena dropping worthless gift certificates, indeed malfunctioned pretty badly, crashing into the fans in the 200 level.

Jorga (who also wrote up a great game recap in the comments which you should check out) wondered if the incident would end up on Youtube.

I am happy to oblige.  Here's a link to video I shot of Portland's Hindenburg.  

Please note: I would have embedded the video directly in this post but there is some light, astonished profanity in our terrible play-by-play commentary. You won't miss anything if you just mute it.


-- Ben (