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Gavin Dawson

I just wanted to put in a brief plug for Gavin Dawson at 1080 The Fan.  I know you're saying, "You're buttering him up because he's having you on every Saturday and every post-game show."  That's actually not entirely accurate.  Say rather than since he's had me on I've had more of a chance to listen to him and to understand how he thinks, which I wouldn't have otherwise had being outside of the 1080 broadcast area.  I'd like to think I'd have been just as impressed even if he wasn't interviewing me every second day.  I'd also like to think he'd be interested in interviewing me even if I didn't say this.

Suffice it to say I am impressed.  I grew up in what I consider the Golden Age of Portland Sports Talk Radio, with voices like Steve Weaver, Mike Parker, and Mychal Thompson.  I used to listen from morning until late in the evening (when Art Bell took over the otherwise sports-filled day).  I don't think Gavin would suffer from comparison to some of those great old shows, nor be entirely out of place if put in a lineup among them.  I can easily hear him in the old Greg Robinson evening slot following Mychal and Kermit. (And their endless restaurant plugs...anyone else remember that?)

I guess what I'm saying is that I know a lot of you come to Blazersedge because you want to hear a voice that's reasoned, interesting, semi-smart, passionate about the team without ignoring its faults, and makes you feel comfortable like you can listen all day without being put off.  It seems to me that Gavin has one of those voices in radio.  That's becoming a rare thing lately.

If you have not given him a try, click over there or tune in and find out when he's on. My guess is you'll like it and tune in again.

It never hurts to hear one of your favorite bloggers either...

--Dave (