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Superbowl Comment

Today I saw an article on the best Superbowl commercials here.  The rundown of the commercials themselves didn't strike me as much as a comment from an apparent Patriots fan:

Hello, my name is JoAnne and I live in Chicago, IL. I just would like to say that the New England Patriots were cheated throughout the entire game by the referees. There were numerous penalties that were not called on the New York Giants and it was very clear to see on the replays. I have never seen a game where there were no penalties called when they were made. I really think that the New England Patriots should have had a better chance or FAIR chance at winning tonight's game. But that's okay, they had a perfect record all season and they will be back next season with avenges. Even though they may have lost the Superbowl game, they still went out of the season on top!!!

I can't even begin to tell you how sick of this I am.  Nobody ever loses anymore!  You either win or you got screwed by the refs/your league administrator/Jessica Simpson/Jesus/the hot dog condiment guy or some combination thereof.  It's like we won't watch or enjoy unless things are 100% guaranteed to go our way.  Are we all two years old?  Didn't we learn anything by playing or watching all of those elementary, middle, and high school games?  If that stuff is supposed to teach us character apparently it's doing a really crappy job.

Enough.  The Giants won.  The Patriots lost.  They LOOOOOST.  Lost.  Lost.  Lost.

The Blazers are also going to LOSE at some point as they come up against a better team, or at least one that's more on their game on a given night.  IT HAPPENS.  That's why you play, watch, and pay for sports.

Can we PLEASE stop blaming everything under the sun for something that's a necessary part of the game and the experience?  Can we stop being bitter, whiny, pre-pre-school age children who beat their fists in the ground and find someone to throw a tantrum at when things don't go their way?  I am as upset as anybody after an important loss for my team but THAT'S OK.  I'm supposed to be upset and feel bad!  Just buck up, take the pain, and come back next season!  That's why God put it there.

--Dave (