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GAMEDAY OPEN THREAD: L*kers vs. Blazers

Even with Brandon Roy likely out I feel a TON more energy surrounding this game than Tuesday's.  So let's DO IT!  It will for sure bring the Blazers lots of good fortune if we try and BREAK the BLAZERSEDGE RECORD for most comments in a Gameday Thread!  The non-overtime record is around 1150 set earlier this year in the Boston game.  The overall record was set last year and it was 1237 I believe.  Either way 1300 would break it and 1500 would ROCK!

However it only really counts if there are no spam-filler comments.  This has to be L*ker-game related basketball discussion before and during the game!  Otherwise it's cheap and invalid.

Can we do it?  It's a home game, which is probably going to hurt the in-game comments.  But then again it's the L*kers and that's always good for angrying the blood.

SOOOOOOOOO... register ALL of your pre-game predictions, in-game chatter, and post-game rants and raves right here!!!


--Dave (

P.S. Dwight Jaynes has a column this morning about the future of this rivalry. He says it could be grim for the Blazers. I think maybe saying Bryant-Gasol could become a better tandem than Jordan-Pippen might be going a little far (especially when you factor in defense) but he's right that this could be a tough matchup for a while.

P.P.S. Not that this is a link thread, but while you're over there Kerry Eggers has what he says is the real scoop on that whole Blazers/Kidd/Harris thing. Plus there's a ton of stuff in there about Oden, Miles, and even some Knicks squabbling like little girls.