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Game 59 Preview: L*kers vs. Blazers

Well, here we go again.  And this time it's at our place.

You don't need much of a preview after Tuesday's game.  All you need to know is that we want to see a lot more of the first half performance and a lot less of the second half.  "Hard fought" is the only adjective to describe this game that gives us a chance of winning.  Remember, though, we have played the L*kers as tough as anybody the last few years, even when we've been down.  There's no reason to think this won't be another exciting game.

A couple notes:

  1.  As Damir pointed out in a diary Jason Quick is reporting that Brandon Roy probably won't be back tonight but James Jones well might.  That's some solace, except of course for those folks who love them some Von Wafer minutes.
  2.  Kurt from ForumBlueandGold and I decided to make this game a wee bit more interesting with a small wager on the game.  The loser has to write a piece for the winner's blog stating all the reasons the winning team is to be feared in the years to come.  We're soliciting suggestions from readers in case we lose so if Portland comes up on the short end of the stick be prepared to give an honest assessment of why the L*kers scare you.
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