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Quick's Game Story ... for some reason, no references to Paris Hilton's delicates?

OregonLive has video of Greg Oden on Jim Rome is Burning ... Rack him! Unrelated, but how unlistenable is the "text message of the day" contest?

A few days old, but Ryan White discusses Blazers Fan Mentality. has a thorough, fair and well-written run down of the Blazers' season and playoff prospects (we shouldn't get our hopes up).  Unfortunately, now that we traded Green for the Second Coming Baron Von Wafer, and probably won't lose another game this season, this article might need a second draft.

Remember when Bobby Medina told us that he'd never seen HGH or PEDs in an NBA locker room? David Stern tells Congress the same thing.

Via True Hoop, Mark Madsen agrees as well.

Although he and Rice couldn't stop jinxing the free throw shooters last night, here's the always quality Mike Barrett's Blog.  Should be updated with Clippers post-game later today.

Last but not least, although quite late, here's some Exclusive Audio from a brief pre-game interview with Kevin Durant last Thursday.  It's somewhat embarrasingly generic, but at one point he denies my assertion that Wally was anticipating a trade, which caused me to stutter something fierce.  He also says, although a bit indirectly, that LaMarcus will be an All Star in the near future.

Programming Note: I know Media Fire is kind of lame, so let me know in the comments or via email if you have a better, free solution for hosting and/or streaming audio.