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Round of Links

Do the current Blazers serve as counter-example #A1 to the infamous Ewing Theory?  I guess we'll have some more evidence tonight.

On to the links:

Dwight Jaynes talks about the NBA's image

Kerry Eggers gives up on the playoff dream

Freeman says the Baron is Here to Save us

Quick finds out what's up with Channing Frye

Speaking of Frye, at least he seems to be enjoying his free time, running a photo contest and Gunslinging in Halo.

OregonLive starts some draft talk and, no surprise, it begins with local legend Kevin Love.

Hendrickson has some words on Roy.

And, finally, a foreboading statistic from's Daily Dime:

Pau Gasol maintained his 22-PPG scoring average in the Lakers' 111-91 win at Seattle on Sunday, his 10th game with the Lakers. Only five other players averaged at least 22.0 points over their first 10 games with the Lakers: Elgin Baylor (24.1) and four legendary centers: George Mikan (29.0), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (28.8), Shaquille O'Neal (24.8), and Wilt Chamberlain (24.5).


UPDATE: Yao is done for the year. Link via The Big Lead. Shucks. With a healthy Brandon, we might be talking playoffs instead of draft, who knows?

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