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A few weekend links

So... um... about that game last night.

Looking for the game recaps and analysis?

Quick's Game Recap

Hendrickson's Game Recap

Freeman on James Jones

Looking for a Saturday morning pick-me-up? Wendell Maxey gets the Rudy talk going

Just looking for a good laugh? Casey eviscerates Bill Simmons

Looking for a headache? Bill Simmons' latest links column continues the imaginary Aldridge trade talk.  

On the flattering side, however, Simmons notes, "Looks like the Raptors fans have a new rival for the title "Most irrationally devoted fans in the NBA." You wouldn't believe the e-mails we received after suggesting that Portland could turn LaMarcus Aldridge, a future No. 1 and Rudy Fernandez into Mike Conley Jr. (only the best point guard in last year's draft and a future All-Star) and Mike Miller (along with Hedo Turkoglu and Rashard Lewis, one of the three best shooting forwards in the league)."

Replace the words "irrationally devoted" with "common-sensical" and he might be on to something. I do smile widely every time the Blazers fanbase makes the national media landscape and it doesn't involve our reaction to player malfeasance. I think we should collectively take his statement as a compliment.  

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