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Fan Advisory Board

For those who are curious, the minutes of the Blazers' Fan Advisory Board meeting have been disseminated and the Blazers have given us permission to re-post them here.  It's just a bare-bones list but some of the items could make interesting discussion.  What are your thoughts or questions on some of these issues?

--Dave (

(Note:  I have changed/reorganized a couple of the title lines in order to make the organization somewhat clearer.  None of the actual items have been altered in any way.)

Fan Recommendations & Concerns

In-Game Experience Suggestions

Find the right balance of a pure sporting event and an entertainment experience

Not every moment needs to be filled

Games appear to be overproduced


Finding a way to tone-down performances to make them more family-friendly (uniforms, dance routines, etc.)


Try to host post-game show live in the arena

Announcers Tony and Michael come across cheesy, and sideline reporter Rebecca Haarlow is getting better


Develop tradition by encouraging fans to all wear the same color

Keep the tradition of passing the ball from the 300 section to the court


Better response needed from ushers to help remove disruptive fans

Community Relationships

Continue to find more ways to make a personal connection with the team

Increase positive interactions with children's organizations (YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, etc.)

Community appearances

Content on website/TV

Events for Fans (bowling at Al's, etc.)

Season/Group Ticket Suggestions

For giveaway nights, give each season ticket holder one certificate per seat (helps for when businesses bring clients to a game)

The wrong impression is being portrayed that for group nights kids need to sell the tickets


Any way to create ringtones of in-arena sounds (buzzer, broadcast jingle, etc.)?

Try to improve connection between and

More coverage of Trail Blazers international players and the D-League affiliate


Expansion of women's product line

iRoys for sale?