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Pauwer Play

So you've all heard the news by now:  Pau Gasol is a L*ker.

Use this space for your impressions.  How was the trade?  How will it look in 3-5 years?  Is Blazers-L*kers coming back?

It's hard to see where this hurts them offensively.  Paul is a mid-range guy nowadays and won't disturb Bynum in the post too much.  The L*kers are already used to only a couple people taking all the shots so no problem there.  I don't think he's any worse than Kwame Brown defensively either and he rebounds nearly as much.

Team speed goes down a little.  Mediocre future draft picks go down a lot.  Salary remains high for a while, but then what room were the L*kers going to have anyway?  If they've boxed themselves in a corner it's a pretty good corner to be in.

--Dave (