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All-Star Breather

Today is a day for conversation at the site.  There are a couple of light questions in posts below, but the main discussion is this:

Now that we're at the All-Star break and nearly 2/3 of the way through the season you should be getting a pretty good handle on the team.  From what you've seen give us two reliable assets you think this team has going for it and two liabilities that need to be addressed.

You can interpret assets and liabilities any way you wish...players, positional strengths, statistical pros and cons...anything.  Two definite plusses, two definite minuses. PLEASE KEEP IT TO YOUR TOP TWO OF EACH. DON'T LIST 20! This is part of the exercise...which are most important/critical to you? If I was looking for one person's laundry list I'd just do it all myself.

If you want to take on some more advanced questions, add these:

--What is one positive about the team that you think people are overlooking?  How about a positive you think people are overrating?

--You can do the same for negatives if you that people are missing and one that people are making far too much of.

Happy conversing.  Feel free to respond to each other and strike up conversations and debates but please stay on point.

--Dave (