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Selling Stuff on Blazersedge

PPilot's luxury suite diary has brought up a matter that a few people have asked about in the past:  What's the etiquette for offering tickets for sale on Blazersedge?

Generally I don't mind the occasional ticket offer IF the following guidelines are met:

  1.  You must be a regular Blazersedge community member.  Don't come here just to offer tickets for sale.  In other words the offer isn't your first post and you didn't just join last week.
  2.  They must be tickets.  Nothing else.  That's what Ebay is for.  (And no, don't link your Ebay auctions here either.)
  3.  Offers must be occasional or special thing.  No using the site and its diaries to regularly dump your extras.  You shouldn't be doing more than one or two diaries a year like this.
  4. Tickets must be offered at or below face value.  This ensures it's a service to the readers and the community.  If you are selling tickets for a profit your account will be permanently banned.
To be clear:  if you are a ticket dealer you need to buy ad space in order to market your merchandise here.  Only casual readers with infrequent offers "between friends" are welcome to use the diaries to move tickets.

Also Blazersedge makes NO warranty as far as the accuracy or availability of the offer.  Don't get ripped off.  Don't meet people you don't know in strange places in order to get tickets.

As long as ticket diaries remain very infrequent I think this policy should do fine.  

A couple of times people have offered extra tickets for FREE in diaries, just because they like the community here.  Things like that really warm my heart much more than selling them.

--Dave (