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One Heck of a Bummer

I have what I think is some pretty sad news.  I haven't asked about posting it but I don't think there's any harm as it's going to become evident to all tonight anyway.  Entercom Communications and 1080 The Fan have let Gavin Dawson go.

I don't claim to know much about the radio business other than it's notoriously fickle and brutal.  Gavin's 7-year run was a pretty good tenure I guess.  I haven't heard what prompted their decision and I don't expect we ever will, so I don't feel qualified to speak in any kind of authoritative terms on it.  All I can say is that I think Gavin was a very good radio voice and personality.  Part of the thesis of Blazersedge is that you don't have to scream or be shocking for shock's sake to interest people...that there really is an audience out there hungry for good, meaningful discussion.  From what I heard Gavin was part of that good, meaningful discussion.  The entertainment world needs more voices like that in my view.  He will be missed.

Of course it's a personal bummer for me too, as Gavin adopted me into what had always been a big dream of mine...being on radio.  I have loved radio in all its forms since I was a child and talk radio has been a particular passion.  I always had a dream of doing something in that field.  Gavin gave me a voice on Saturday mornings and then instantly invited me onto every post-game show.  Those 10-minute stints were really highlights of my day and of my tenure as a semi-public persona.  It was really funny because I'd research the heck out of EVERYTHING and take notes during the game about almost anything of possible interest and I'd have seven pages of material in front of me while sitting there on the phone.  Then I had to pare it down to three sentences...and sometimes the guys would ask me something that I hadn't even thought of.  So at the end of every interview I'd have six and a half pages of stuff on my desk completely unused.  And I loved every minute of it!  The research, the questions, the talking...a dream come true.

I'm sure Gavin will land on his feet somewhere.  I hope it's in Portland because he fits well there.  Until then, thanks man.  You are more than welcome at Blazersedge anytime.

--Dave (