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Postgame Geek Out Thread

Here's the boxscore.

As we anxiously await Dave's game recap, I thought I'd throw an open thread up for everyone that's basking in the glow of that last-second victory.  That felt great.  Not as sweet as Houston but pretty dang sweet.  You hate to lose a 10 point lead like that but gutting it out with hustle and cojones makes up for the up-and-down play this afternoon.

A couple of thoughts...

  • Martell is apparently on the "very slow" rehab curve.  Probably best that way.
  • It seems like Brandon shoots that foul line jumper at like a 97 percent clip.
  • 4-1 road trip.  Splendid.

A couple of questions...

  • If Blake misses that shot, how do you respond?
  • Did you miss Channing Frye... at all?
  • Was that Greg's best game yet? 
  • Was that Rudy's best game yet?

Start geeking out now.  Dave will be through shortly with the recap.

-- Ben (