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Today's Poll -- Poach a Celtic

Obvious intro alert: the Celtics are the defending champs and they are loaded.

I covet my neighbor's rings. So, I ask you, which Celtic would you poach for our roster if you had your pick? Which of their players, if any, pushes us over the top?

Throw out the salary cap for one morning. Consider these things: age, fit with roster, fit in the locker room, and our championship window. If we want to win now, the answer is ... Garnett? Does he fit? Would he last two months in the same locker room as Joel? Pierce? Could he coexist with Brandon? Maybe take the easy route and grab Ray Allen for his class and 3s off the bench? Or, the "perfect point guard" for a dynasty: Rondo? Are you sold on him?

Tonight should be spectacular. Please vote and let's talk.

-- Ben (