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Today's Poll -- January Record

Well, well, well, 2009 doesn't officially start until midnight but the Blazers' 2008 is already in the books. The team ended up 8 and 6 for Decembers-- slightly below the overall predictions taken in our December 1 poll. For once, I called this one on the nose... but I didn't foresee a loss to the Clippers or a win against the Celtics, so I haven't yet dislocated my elbow patting myself on the back.

January is a somewhat easier road although it does start off tricky. Again there are 14 games. This time 8 at home and 6 on the road. However, there is only one back-to-back.

The full rundown (bold home)...

Hornets, at Lakers, Pistons, Warriors, at Bulls, at Sixers, at Nets, at Bobcats, Bucks, Cavaliers, Wizards, at Clippers, Bobcats, Jazz

So, I ask you, what's our January going to look like? Here's a calender version for your reference.

Vote first, then In the comments, then let's again open the conversation all the way up... Which game is our biggest trap game? Which team (if any) do you think will snap our unbeaten home record? If you've got a question about our January schedule, feel free to toss it out there for everyone.

-- Ben (

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