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December Jersey Contest Winner!

The December Jersey Contest is over and we have a winner!  Here are the top ten finishers in reverse order.

10 diehardbruin55  651 points

9 jbcooper80  658 points

8 OldSchool  662 points

7 buffduck  663 points

5 zaron5551 664 points

5 ruodrola 664  points

4 Brainfart  691 points

3 marble47  696 points

2 Arby  704  points

And the winner of the December Jersey is...

1 DJudd 727  points

The winner of a caricature, chosen at random from among all of the people who got a score of 77 points in any game during December is...

Schydog, who scored 77 points predicting the Blazers' win versus Denver on December 23rd.

Congratulations to DJudd and Schydog!  The January Jersey Contest starts with the next game.  And don't forget consistent high scorers will win admission into the playoffs even if they don't manage to snag a jersey during the year, so keep playing!  You can enter the form for the next game and check out the entire December scoreboard here.

--Dave (