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Some Quick Links

I really enjoyed this video tour with Bill Schonely. Seeing Schonz behind a desk was jarring. Do you think his office mates get sick of him calling play-by-play while he sifts through email? "Another spam message pops up. It gets trapped. Nowhere to go. To the recycle bin. RIP CITY BABY." When Schonz gets a cookie in the media room he stopped to say hi to Dwight, and I was randomly sitting across the table from him. Inexplicably, that footage didn't make the final cut. Booooooo

If you haven't yet read the Channing Frye piece in Willy Week, here's your link.

Mike Barrett discusses the injuries to Brandon and Greg and has audio from last night's Courtside interview with Nate McMillan.

Dwight Jaynes was talking for quite awhile with Coach about toughness and Garnett at practice yesterday. Here's what he came away with. Some telling quotes from Nate that make you read between the lines a little bit.

Brian Hendrickson lets us know that Brandon likes watching the Celtics on the tube.

Ezra found a hilarious Joel Przybilla meets Sasquatch video. I sense some kinship in that high-five.

Bust A Bucket has a humorous photoshop journey around last year's Western Conference playoff teams. "Kirelinko" and "Valtrex" are in the same sentence so you should definitely take a gander.

Hope you saw this long piece from Steve at CelticsBlog with his take on the Blazers. The comments over there are very interesting as well.

JE Skeets from Yahoo! has his best posts of 2008. Really cool.

Sean at Oregonlive has more links.

The latest blogger MVP/ROY voting courtesy of RaptorsHQ. My comments make me sound really bitter. But it took 15 minutes to think of the KG one so I hope you enjoy.

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