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Today's Poll - Trade for Jamison?

If there's a quality veteran player on a team that's off to a terrible start who best fits the Blazers' needs and culture, it might be the Wizards' Antawn Jamison.

The upsides to Jamison are his scoring ability, his glasswork, and his reputation as a hardworker. The downsides to Jamison are that his contract runs this year plus three more, he can be a little bit of a black hole, and his first name is spelled incorrectly.

At this point in his career, after making the playoffs for five straight seasons, he would seem to be ultra-motivated by an opportunity to play for a team competing for a title. His contract, roughly 9 million this year, is more than fair for his production (~20 and 10 in 38 minutes a night). His current team, the Wizards, are off to a terrible start and just fired their coach, so rebuilding with young talent makes a lot of sense.

Put all of that together and it's fair to think that Jamison is probably somewhere on KP and TP's hit list. Obviously any trade for Jamison would involve sending out players that would help clear up the logjam at the 3/4.

Armchair GM, I put the question to you. Yea, Nah, or Ehh for Antawn? Discuss in the comments.

-- Ben (