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Today is the day to check out the Les Schwab Invitational over at Liberty High.

The afternoon games:

  • 4PM - Grant vs Sunset (Mike Moser vs. Michael Holton's two kids)
  • 5:30PM - Jesuit vs. Jefferson (Jeff's Terrence Jones is incredible and Jesuit is Jesuit, you already know)
  • 7PM - Fairfax vs. Westview (Fairfax's Renardo Sidney is a must-see)
  • 8:30PM - Dominguez vs. Mt. Vernon (Two of the best programs in the country matchup)  
You couldn't ask for a better back-to-back-to-back-to-back lineup than that.  Trying to decide whether you should go or not?  Check out this must-watch video of yesterday's slam dunk contest from Tim Brown at Oregonlive, guest-starring Gavin Dawson as one of the judges.  Incredible efforts from high-school kids.  

I'm headed to Blazers practice here in a bit and hope to check in later this afternoon with an update.  See you out at Liberty tonight.

-- Ben (