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Blazers Edge Readers For The Win



Well, guys, those pictures say it all: last row of the bleachers, wearing team gear, multi-syllabic dinosaur-themed slogans, and, of course, the greatest song in the history of earth.  Not to mention helping kids enjoy a great victory.

Want to know how cool Blazers Edge night was?  Well, you better read through the comments to get everyone's first hand reactions.  (If you were there, you better leave your first hand reactions!)  

But I can offer this vignette.  BEdge night was so cool that as I stood in front of Greg Oden's locker waiting for the man to discuss the best night of his pro career, none other than Jason Quick was dying to know about ............ how BEdge night went.  Seriously.  He was almost using the Oprah voice on me too.  It's official: you're all big time now.   

Had I been thinking more quickly, I would have replied "overwhelming."  

For the few of you that I got a chance to meet at haltime, LaughingJon. Drive The Lane, NateInAloha and, of course, Chris Morrisette (pictured above) it was a pleasure.  For the rest, thanks for attending and PLEASE leave your thoughts in the comments.  I know a certain someone who worked really, really hard to put this night together and I know he'd like nothing more than to hear your story about how it went.

Check for my game recap (with tons of audio from Nate, Greg and Brandon) tomorrow.  Tonight is yours, guys.  

-- Ben (