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A Debt of Gratitude

When I first mentioned the idea of sending some young folks to Blazersedge Night I got a nice letter from a long-time reader named Aaron.  He works at Country Financial, a company that also sponsors the Courtside radio program.  Aaron said he thought he could get their ad department to sponsor a few tickets for needy kids if we could give them a mention.  He broached the idea to them and  "a few" turned out to be 10.  In recognition of that kind gesture I wanted to give them not only a mention, but a chance to introduce themselves.  So here you go...

I just want to thank Dave, Ben and the whole Blazersedge community.  It's been a fun few years as the team has made it's turnaround and our on-line communities have grown.  I'd hazard a guess that the Trailblazer community is the most active of any fan following in the NBA.  What makes that even better, is the focus of our fans to things beyond wins and losses.  I've heard criticism from national talking heads in the past that we are too caught up in the outside activities of our players... well we hold them to the standards we esteem to hold ourselves. This commitment is clearly shown in the BlazersEdge Night Out event, what others would see as only a fan gathering, here it's morphed into a charity event to support and enrich the less fortunate.  I'm proud to be a part of the event and to get the chance to participate in our community with the rest of you.  Rip City

We at Country are committed to treating all our clients like friends and family.  The best way we find to make sure that you are completely taken care of is to go through our Insurance and Financial Review.  In this process we'll make sure that your coverages and plans for the future are tied directly to the circumstances you find yourself in today.  Let me have a chance to walk you through our process, and set your sites on continued Financial Security.

Thank you to Aaron and the folks at Country Financial for helping us out!  If you're in the mood you might shoot him an e-mail to say thanks.

--Dave (