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Quick Joins Team Bayless


Quick has some hot-and-heavy speculation about a potential rotation change that might increase Rex's playing time.

Coach Nate McMillan might have provided that proverbial shot in the arm before Friday's practice in the form of a threat. In essence, he said this to the team: Unless I see more effort, and better defense, the rotation will be changed.

I asked Roy who he thought McMillan might be targeting. Roy said he had no clue. My guess?

Jerryd Bayless is about to get his shot.

Right on cue, this fantastic work ended up in my inbox, courtesy of phillyduck23...


Quick's piece is a perfect example of him  writing as "talent" and not as a "traditional beat writer."  Look carefully at what Nate actually said and then look at where and how Quick draws his conclusions.  

And, always, always, always, keep in mind:  Nate's actions speak loudest.  The minutes will wind up doing far more talking than Nate will.  Just ask Channing Frye.

Whether Sergio and Blake, Sergio alone, or Blake alone is the object of your personal displeasure on the defensive end, something needs to change. Aside from Barea's career Christmas, there's been repeated lackadaisical defensive effort from both Brandon and Rudy.  So perhaps a rotation change wouldn't be so much about skill as about tone.  And Jerryd's tone is unmistakeable... his tone is tonier than your tone. Of course, tone alone can only take you so far.  

One final element that might be a factor: Martell is still out and now would be a good time for a Bayless test run before Marty's presence crunches the minutes even further.  Nate's experimenting can't go on forever, especially as we get into the stretch run for the playoffs.  

It will be very interesting to see how Sergio responds, both on and off the court.

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