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Blazersedge Night Tomorrow

Just a note to wish everybody a fantastic night for Blazersedge Night at the Garden tomorrow.  The weather has ended up grounding us so we won't be able to join you but do bring plenty of signs so maybe the section gets on camera and I can see you guys while I'm watching at home.  That would make me HAPPY!

Ben has promised to put in an appearance in the midst of his game-reporting duties so make sure and say hi to him!  Most of all, root for a Blazers victory!

Oh, and one more time...THANK YOU to everyone who bought tickets.  And a huge THANK YOU to everyone who bought a ticket to send the kids.  We're already starting to get stories back from people who work with these kids saying what a major thing this is for them...stories of kids screaming in stunned disbelief on the phone when they got the news, hours-long discussions of Blazer defensive strategies from kids who don't otherwise speak much...all that kind of stuff.  90 young folks are going to this game because of you guys.  Nicely done.

We'll get some pictures at the game, but all of you can take pictures and e-mail them to Ben too.  I'm sure he'll get a collage going.  He's a collage-y kind of guy.

Enjoy the event!

--Dave (

P.S.  Another huge thank-you to Nate who put this event together initially.  He made it easy for all of the rest of us.