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Today's Poll -- Christmas Eve Edition

Casey interviewed KP. Go read it.

On to the poll...

Tomorrow there are five consecutive NBA games on television, including, of course, our beloved Blazers hosting the Dallas SEC Complaint Filings and Countersuits in the nightcap.

Here's the full schedule (all times PST):

  • New Orleans at Orlando: 9 AM
  • San Antonio at Phoenix: 11:30 AM
  • Boston at LA: 2 PM
  • Washington at Cleveland: 5 PM
  • Dallas at Portland: 7:30 PM

Kevin Arnovitz is live-blogging all five over at TrueHoop. Now that is awesome.

Out of curiosity, how many of the five games are you planning to watch? Exactly how hardcore are you?

Discuss these matchups, your Christmas plans, or whatever else you want in the comments. It's Christmas Eve... you deserve a little latitude. Thanks for sharing the day with us...

-- Ben (

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