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Today's Poll -- Batphone Picture Contest Edition

Aside from the picture of a rooster that Blazermaniac Andy sent in (I'm sure you can imagine the tagline that accompanied it), here are some of the best of the best pictures sent to the Bat Phone.

But which one is tops? That's for you to vote and debate in the comments.

1. Office bobblehead shrine.


2. Blazer Christmas Pinwheel.


3. Blazer Gingerbread House.


4. Baby Blazer Cheerleader.


5. Jazz rage after the loss in Utah.


A cryptic reminder: the batphone's number is...

(Farmar Arenas Ariza) Brandon Ike Raef - Ike Brandon Raef Arenas

Feel free to text/pix/voicemail to the Bat Phone 24/7. The Bat Phone is powered by Cricket Wireless.

-- Ben (