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Baby It's Cold Outside

One of the things I'm thinking about and anticipating more and more each day is Blazersedge Night at the Garden this Saturday.  The chance to get together with 75-odd readers plus 90-ish kids we're sending collectively is just an amazing thing.  It's clearly one of the greatest things we've planned for together and I can't wait.

However even as I consider that there's another reality staring me and you in the face.  As I type the sixth snowstorm of the day is whistling past my window here in central Idaho.  The roads to towns 13 miles from me have been treacherous all week.  Portland is over 360 miles away through mountains first and then straight down the Columbia Gorge.  Who is to say what will happen weather-wise, but obviously this is an issue for me.  Once upon a time I would have said, "To hell with it" and driven it anyway.  I can tell you some hair-raising stories about driving through Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa in blizzard conditions.  I'm crazy stupid like that when the goal is right.  But now I've got a 1-year-old in tow, which changes things.  And even if I left him at home and went solo, he still has a dad who's important to him, which makes risking driving into ditches or off embankments a bad idea.

I am keeping my fingers crossed, but I am also preparing for the possibility that the same weather that keeps you from being able to drive across town safely may keep me from driving across the state safely.  I wanted to give you fair warning.

If it does happen that I can't come I will be extremely disappointed.  (OK, closer to crushed, really.)  But a couple of things would lighten that disappointment. 

First, I'd love it if a couple of you wonderful people would stop by the section with the kids in it--you know, around halftime or something--and tell them hello and thanks for coming.  It would be sad for Blazersedge to send them and then they never get to see anyone from Blazersedge.  Maybe a couple of you who might be wearing site t-shirts would do the honors?

Second, it occurred to me that we really should have some way to identify make a splash and show that we're there.  Again the t-shirts would be great for those who have them, but not everybody does and not everybody reads apparel.  But you know it's a tradition in Portland to bring signs to the game when you're really enthusiastic.  My sister and I have done it a few times for special occasions.  I know most of you are highly creative and I was thinking it would be a wonderful symbol if the entire Blazersedge section were filled with signs.  It doesn't matter what they say, it would just be cool to see that kind of enthusiasm and spirit.  70-plus signs in a single section might also garner a notice from the camera at some point during the game.  If I was stuck at home watching, at least I'd be able to point to that and say, "There we are!"  That would be uber-cool in its own way.

I'll let you know more about the weather-worthiness as the weekend approaches.  Friday will be the key.  I just thought you should be prepared, in case.

--Dave (