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Blazersedge 1/3 Season Awards--The Brandon Award

If you don't know what we're doing with these awards, just scroll down to the next few posts.  You'll catch on.

Since we froze Brandon out of the M.V.P. voting to make it more fun we're creating a special category.  This award is not for Brandon himself, but for you guys talking about Brandon.  Specifically we want one-word or short-sentence descriptions of Brandon, his play, or what he means to the team.  Pick whatever aspect of his game you want to talk about but only ONE entry per person.  The word or short-sentence description that best explains Brandon's contributions so far this year will win a huge round of applause.

Have at it!

(Short sentences probably aren't much more than 10 words.  Brevity will be rewarded, all other things being equal.)

--Dave (