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Blazersedge 1/3 Season Awards--MVP(BR)

Everybody and their brother's favorite poster girl does mid-season awards at the halfway point or All-Star break.  We're being different and doing ours twice, once at the 1/3 mark and once at the 2/3 mark of the season.  Voting will be open until Monday when the votes will be tabulated and winners declared.

Scroll up and down the page to see the various awards.

We want this to be legit and official so votes will be recorded in the comment section, made only by registered users.  Explain all you want but vote CLEARLY and OBVIOUSLY or I won't bother reading your stuff and counting your vote.  Don't make this hard on me by writing six paragraphs and ending with a schmozz vote for everybody.

This award is for team M.V.P.   As usual if we were voting straight up this should go to Brandon Roy unamimously. So we're altering it, ceding the M.V.P. to Brandon by default, and making this the Most Valuable Player Besides Roy award.  All players except Brandon are eligible.

This is the big one.  Register your votes below.

--Dave (