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Today's Poll -- December Record

We've been talking about it for months and now it's here: welcome to the brutal December stretch of the schedule. There are 14 games this month: 6 on the road, 8 at home with 3 back to backs. The full run down (bold home)...

at New York, at Washington, at Boston, at Toronto, Orlando, at Utah, Clippers, Sacramento, Phoenix, at Denver, Denver, Dallas, Toronto, Boston

... Before the season, I think that most reasonable estimaters thought we would go something like .500 (7-7) and then enjoy the fruits of an easy (relatively speaking) 2009. As of this morning, we are sitting at .666 which, if that pace continued, would produce a 9-5 December (not exactly but close enough).

So, I ask you, what's our December going to look like? Here's a calender version for your reference.

Vote first, then In the comments, let's open the conversation all the way up... Which game is our biggest trap game? Which team (if any) do you think will snap our unbeaten home record? If you've got a question about our December schedule, feel free to toss it out there for everyone.

-- Ben (