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Fanpost Update: Recs Go to the Next Level

After reading some of the comments in the last couple of days and observing Fanposts for the last few months I have made a small change to the system.

I figure since this blog represents the cream of the crop, so to speak, getting a Fanpost highlighted should be a bit more challenging.  Before this 5 recs would get your Fanpost on the marquee list.  That's just been upped to 7.  This gives all of you extra incentive to make your Fanposts tight and relevant in order to hit the big time.  We might raise it again at some point to make getting highlighted a truly momentous achievement.  Sometimes other blogs with fewer Fanposts lower the threshold, so in a way raising it does highlight how uber-cool you all are.

I did NOT raise the bar on Fanshots in the same way.  They are still considered the stepchild of the sidebar in some ways and I wanted to keep promotion for them easy.  Neither does this affect the number of recs needed to promote a comment within a thread.  5 recs still makes your comment go green.  That's happening rarely enough to make it special as it is.

--Dave (