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Today's Poll -- It Feels Like Christmas Edition

A few notes before the poll today...

First, you guys have been photoshopping like crazy in the comments, and I'm loving it. Hope you saw jamon51's Steve Blake Concentration poster yesterday. Classic.

Second, this came into the Bat Phone the other day. Did I expect guys would be sending me pictures of their girlfriends? No, not really. But good job.


Third, go check these rankings. Then give yourselves a standing ovation. Hadn't seen that before but got word of it through our latest Blogger MVP and ROY voting, which you might want to check out. We were kind of blown away. Like the sidebar now says, thank you for reading.

Fourth: Am I completely geeked out about tonight's jersey retirement? For sure. In addition to Dave's Porter memories (linked below), here are a few TP links from the past six months or so for you to trip down memory lane...

Also, Geoffrey Arnold has a nice piece on Porter overcoming the doubters today. Check that out.

Vote and then discuss any or all of the above (including the poll) in the comments.

-- Ben (