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Official Announcement: The Trade Drawer Gets Legitimized

So...we've tried out the daily Trade Drawer for a few weeks to see how it works.  The general consensus among your two bloggers is that we like it.  I am reticient to curtail people's posting options but really, speculative trade posts start to blur together after a while.  Some sites disallow them entirely.  We won't go that far (yet) but we will enforce their containment to a single place...the trade drawer.  Site conversation rules will be amended accordingly.  Beginning today all new speculative trade posts outside of the drawer, whether in Fanposts or Fanshots, will be deleted.

I will add that "speculative" means, "not reported first as likely by a reputable media source".  If ESPN reports that the Blazers are talking with the Grizzlies about a concretely-spelled-out deal somebody can certainly post a link to that outside of the trade drawer and get a discussion going.  ONE post.  ONE discussion.  Not four weeks later either.  By then it's old news and belongs in the trade drawer again.  Also "reputable media source" means people get paid to do this stuff full-time.  It doesn't mean another anonymous forum post somewhere.

Hope that's clear.  Please make a note of it.

--Dave (