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Today's Poll -- Reggie Theus Canned Edition

According to Marc Stein, Sacramento just gave Hang Time Boss the heave ho. Assistant Kenny Natt will take over immediately. Brutal.

The worst part is that Portland now has to deal with the dreaded "First Second game played under a new coach, so we will actually try really, really hard" bounce that seems to constantly pop up after bad teams fire their coaches.

Vote first. Then let's discuss this firing and the Cheeks firing in the comments.

Update: Tom Ziller with a very astute observation (his specialty) regarding the fact today was day #1 on the job for Kevin Martin's ex-agent, who was recently hired as Kings Assistant GM...

Today was Jason Levien's first day. Assuming he started at 9 and it took, oh, 15 minutes for Woj/Amick to get the news, that means Theus lasted only 45 minutes into Levien's Sacramento career.

He traces the discontent between Kevin Martin and Reggie Theus. Another case where it appears the star won out over the coach. Brutal.

-- Ben